Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hotel Samples and Homeless People...

In light of recent hotel stays, I thought I would write a quick note about hotel samples and homeless people.

The Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, the Salvation Army in London, the Boston Rescue Mission, and the Veteran’s Retirement Home in Kankakee, all collect hotel samples of toiletries for their clients and residents. The small portable size makes them ideal for folks who have to carry all of their belongings or who do not have a great deal of living space.

Every time I stay in a hotel, I collect the toiletry samples each morning from my hotel bathroom, and place them in a Ziploc bag. I always keep a few Ziploc bags in my luggage. Shamelessly, I collect them every single morning, so that the house keeping associates will place more toiletries in my bathroom each day. At the end of my stay, I carry them in my checked luggage, and I drop them off at the charitable location that I am logistically closest too at my final destination.

I figure, if I am paying for the room and the included amenities each day, I am very happy (and not at all embarrassed) to leverage that to help others. I would encourage others to consider doing the same.

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